PD POINTS: 5.0    DURATION (HRS): 7.00
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 The NCCP Prevention and Recovery module provides strategies and techniques to prevent injury, while also improving performance. These 2 concepts are closely connected. Strategies that help with 1 of the concepts, directly influence the other.  

This workshop supports coaches in preventing injury. It does not prepare coaches to intervene medically with an injured athlete. It’s highly recommended that coaches take a first-aid course or have someone who has first-aid training be on site with them at all times during practices. 


Learning outcomes

After finishing this module, coaches will be able to design a personalized Prevention Action Plan (PAP), which will enhance their athletes’ performance and assist in preventing injuries. In particular, coaches will be able to:  

  • Identify common injuries in sport  
  • Identify prevention and recovery strategies for common injuries in sport  
  • Design and implement appropriate warm-ups and cool-downs  
  • Choose skills and drills that help athletes perform skills correctly  
  • Support athletes’ return to sport through awareness and proactive leadership  
  • Implement recovery and regeneration techniques to maintain or return to optimal performance in training and competition  
  • Provide appropriate information and guidance on hydration, nutrition and sleep that will each contribute to optimal performance in training and competition  

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