PD POINTS: 5.0    DURATION (HRS): 3.00
Coaching Association of Canada

Leading Drug-Free Sport (Multisport) is designed to help coaches develop practices and understand the use of medications that will lead to keeping equestrian sport drug-free.  


Upon completion, you will be able to: 

  • Fully understand and explain the consequences of using banned substances in sport 

  • Educate athletes about drug-testing protocols at major competitions 

  • Encourage athletes to safeguard their sport values and take responsibility for their actions 

  • Apply the NCCP Ethical Decision-Making Model to your coaching as it relates to keeping your sport and athletes drug-free 


Upon completion of this course, the Coaching Association of Canada's $85 On-line Evaluation Fee for Leading-Drug Free Sport will be waived.  Successful completion of the evaluation is necessary to complete EC's High-Performance 1 Certification.


Certification Contexts: High-Performance 1

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