PD POINTS: 5.0    DURATION (HRS): 8.00
Equestrian Canada

NCCP Advanced Practice Planning for Equestrian Sport is designed to teach High Performance 1 Coaches about the impact of daily training sequencing and the manipulations that can affect training outcomes. This module is an ideal follow-up to NCCP’s Planning a Practice. Coaches are advised to take the NCCP Performance Planning module before taking NCCP Advanced Practice Planning. 


Upon completion, you will be able to: 

  • Take logistics into account when planning sessions and seasons 

  • Sequence and adjust session exercises for best outcomes 

  • Ensure  consistency within sessions, microcycles (weekly plan) and yearly plans 

  • Train a technical or tactical ability over several microcyles 

NCCP High Performance 1
Planning Athlete Development
Dressage Endurance Eventing Jumping Reining
Live training

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