English Competition Coach

Foundational coach certification for coaches working with athletes actively competing in equestrian sport. This certification focuses on the English disciplines.


Steps 1 and 2 can be done in any order.  Step 3 must be completed sequentially.

The following is required

Requirement Name
Requires at least 0 Completed

  Make Ethical Decisions in the Equestrian Environment
  NCCP Teaching and Learning
  NCCP Psychology of Performance
  NCCP Sport Nutrition
Requires at least 0 Completed

  NCCP Long-Term Equestrian Development
  NCCP Plan an Equestrian Practice
  NCCP Design an Equestrian Sport Program
  Analyzing Performance Clinic, Competition Coach - English
  NCCP Manage an Equestrian Sport Program
Requires at least 2 Completed

  NCCP Make Ethical Decisions - Evaluation
  NCCP Competition Coach Evaluation - English