EC NCCP High Performance 1: Jumping

Advanced certification for coaches working with competitive athletes who regularly compete in EC Gold Competitions and aspiring to compete internationally. This certification focuses on the preparation of athletes and horses for Jumping events.

The following is required

Requirement Name
requires at least 0 Completed

  Analyze Equestrian High Performance
  Prevention and Recovery - Equine
  Equine Clean Sport
  Developing Athletic Abilities - Equine
  Advanced Practice Planning - Equestrian
  Performance Planning for High Performance Training
  Manage a High Performance Equestrian Sport Program
  Conditioning the Sport Horse
requires at least 0 Completed

  NCCP Developing Athletic Abilities (Human)
  NCCP Make Ethical Decisions
  NCCP Prevention and Recovery (Human Athlete)
  NCCP Leading Drug-free Sport
  NCCP Coaching and Leading Effectively
requires at least 1 Completed

  NCCP Make Ethical Decisions - Evaluation
  NCCP Managing Conflict Online Evaluation
  Leading Drug-Free Sport Online Evaluation
requires at least 3 Completed

  HP1 Jump Coach Evaluation - Planning
  HP1 Jump Coach Evaluation - Competition
  HP1 Jump Coach Evaluation - Coaching